Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature
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Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature

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Momma Nature™

In the photo to the right: After a long, hot morning helping residents, including Momma Nature, landscape the front entrance to her former subdivision, my helpers posed with yours truly:

Nia Henderson is to my left and Shaylan Earl is to my right. Thanks for helping improve the environment around us ladies!

Momma Nature™ Workday!

Lady Slipper - Photo by Chuck Yancey and Momma Nature™ Photo by Chuck Yancey and Momma Nature™ at "Len Foote Hike Inn" GA Photo by Chuck Yancey at Craggy Gardens Photo by Chuck Yancey and Momma Nature™ at Craggy Gardens

Momma Natures™ Favorite Links
Please visit these websites which Momma Nature™ supports. We are all working to make this a better world in our own ways!

North Carolina Native Plant Society
As a Lifetime Member of this excellent, well run organization, I encourage you all to join. You will hear me talk of how I was influenced in plant reclamation by Viola Braxton, one of the founding mothers of NC Native Plant Society (formerly the North Carolina Wildflower Preservation Society). If you have any interest in going on plant saves or just want to become knowledgeable of the natives in your area, you will be pleased with this organization. The quarterly newsletter alone, edited most professionally by my friend Kathy Schlosser, is worth the inexpensive yearly dues! Getting to know other plant enthusiasts is priceless.
North Carolina Conservation Network
I have been a participating member in NCCONNET for many years. Now that I am living back in my home state of North Carolina, it is with great pride I can promote this wonderful organization on my new website. NCCONNET is made up of conservation groups throughout NC, the most awesome state in the union. Together we can stop the degradation of our natural environment and reverse destruction. The annual NCCONNET conference is happening soon - anyone in NC who is interested in networking with other environmentalists should attend. Please tell 'em "Momma Nature sent me!"
I Love Mountians
Appalachian Voices

These fabulous organizations work together to forestall the rampant destruction occurring in the mountains of NC and along the Appalachian and Smokey mountain chains. Ancient outcroppings of soil and rock, old growth forests and rare native plants need protection NOW. Please learn more about these two non-profits and again, tell them Momma Nature sent you.
Hummingbird Studios
Phyllis Walker, the owner of Hummingbird Studios in Atlanta was on my radio show years ago. Once I found out how much support she gives to battered and abused women, I nominated her for various awards. What a credit she is to the world "entrepreneur!"

Georgia Organics
What can I say? Georgia Organics is doing a stellar job in educating the public of Georgia about CSA and locally grown organic foods. I was able to volunteer for them when I lived in Atlanta and grateful to them for the encouragement they give the farmers of Georgia.

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Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature