Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature
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Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature

Momma Nature™ has spent a lifetime dedicated to preserving the natural world. Starting with plant saves under the auspices of the North Carolina Native Plant Society (then called NC Native Plant Preservation Society) as a small child, she knows firsthand how rapidly our natural world was being destroyed.

"Over the years, I've watched with horror as developers and money mad politicians allow desecration of our natural world. I continue to be an activist with NC Conservation Network (NCCONNET) which is an umbrella organization for non-profits focused on improving and saving our natural resources.

Momma Nature's™ Fountain in spring
Momma Natures Fountain in Spring
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If you are reading this, chances are you are concerned about what is happening to the world around us. As editor for books on various environmental subjects, Momma Nature™ has cutting edge knowledge of how we can protect our air, water, soil and bodies from toxins, pollutants and products that can kill. Contact her for more information on how she can help you get your green message OUT THERE.

Momma Nature™ in her gardens by the
Crossvine and Leyland Cypress.
Momma Nature™

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Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature